Hi, I'm Kevin!

I'm a Software Engineer based in Atlanta, GA. Working towards creating software that makes life easier and more meaningful.

Open to remote, hybrid, or in-person opportunities.

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Hi, my name is Kevin and I am a highly ambitious, self-motivated, and driven software engineer based in Atlanta, GA.

After graduating from the University of Georgia in 2017 with a BS in Biology (go dawgs!!), I began taking steps towards realizing my dream of becoming a Pediatrican. I started working in the Emergency Room as a medical scribe in order to gain some clinical exposure while studying for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), from which I made a natural progression and transitioned into a similar role working at a private Pediatric clinic.

As time passed (and March 2020 happened), my interest in programming continued to grow, and I decided to take a step towards pursuing a career in software engineering. I realized that my aspirations of becoming a healthcare professional were rooted in a deep desire to help others, and that I could have similar positive impact, if not more widespread, by creating helpful and accessible tools that enrich the lives of others. With my natural curiosity at an all-time high, I embarked on a personal journey to equip myself with the technical knowledge of a programmer.

I went wide, learning a little about a lot of things, not making significant progress into any particular area of the tech field. I realized that I needed some more accountability, and so began to seek structured learning. My research brought me to discover the City of Refuge and their Tech Transformation Academy, through which I received formal education from DigitalCrafts in the form of a 4-month long full stack web development program.

Since graduating in June 2023, I am eagerly pursuing a position where I can exercise my newly-acquired technical expertise and play my part in a team creating a product that touches the lives of many.

Outside of programming, I have a wide range of hobbies and passions that keep me busy. I love coffee, have recently rediscovered my love for reading, and enjoy spending quality time with my friends and family. I am always seeking new experiences and love to keep myself engaged and learning new things. I love coffee and am always down for a coffee chat.

My Skills







Tailwind CSS




Trail Ahead

Trail Ahead is a full-stack web application created with the goal of helping hikers find hikers. Users are able to view and join hikes planned by other users, or create their own. We used the Kanban method of project management to create user stories and drive our workflow. Features were developed following the principles of Test-Driven Development as we went through multiple cycles of red-green-refactor. Created using React.

The Brew Buddy

The Brew Buddy is the ritualistic coffee drinker's morning companion. The Buddy feature provides the indecisive or adventurous coffee drinker with a way to explore new recipes for brewing coffee, specifically using an AeroPress brewing device. A randomizer adjusts variables in each stage of the brewing process so that users can enjoy a different coffee recipe with every cup. Created using React.


Jark-GPT is an educational tool created to help users of AI technology become more adept at getting valuable information from AI tools, specifically Chat-GPT. Our app highlights three ways that users can start using AI prompting more efficiently.